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Candidate Master

A Candidate Master(CM) is a chess title awarded by FIDE, the international chess federation, to players who have achieved a certain level of proficiency and rating, typically around 2200 Elo.

Similar terms: FIDE Master, International Master, Grandmaster, Elo rating, chess title, FIDE, chess federation, rating system, tournament performance, norm

Why is Candidate Master important?

Achieving the Candidate Master title is an important milestone for many chess players, as it recognizes their skill level and dedication to the game. It also opens up opportunities for participation in higher-level tournaments and further advancement in chess titles.

Examples of Candidate Master

A candidate master is a player who consistently performs well in regional tournaments and has accumulated the necessary rating points to meet the FIDE criteria for the title.

How to Become a Candidate Master

To become a Candidate Master, a player typically needs to:

  1. Participate in FIDE-rated tournaments.
  2. Achieve a FIDE rating of at least 2200 at some point.
  3. Maintain consistent performance to meet the title’s criteria.

Famous examples of Candidate Master

While the title of Candidate Master is not as widely publicized as Grandmaster or International Master titles, many renowned players have held this title early in their careers before progressing to higher titles.

For instance, Magnus Carlsen, before becoming a Grandmaster, would have passed through the Candidate Master rank.

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