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Lichess.org is a free, open-source online chess platform that offers a user-friendly environment for playing chess, learning strategies, and interacting with a global community of chess enthusiasts.

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Screenshot of the latest improved lichess.org home page (dark mode).

So, what exactly is Lichess.org?

Launched in 2010, Lichess.org is a comprehensive chess server that provides an ad-free experience for players of all levels.

It is unique in being open-source, allowing developers to contribute to its continuous improvement. The platform supports various chess formats, including standard games, tournaments, and chess variants, alongside training features like puzzles and interactive lessons.

Why is Lichess.org important?

Lichess.org is pivotal in making chess accessible to anyone with internet access, free of charge. Its commitment to being non-commercial and open-source promotes a purely community-driven approach to online chess, fostering innovation and a shared passion for the game.

Examples of Lichess.org

Users can enjoy several features on Lichess.org, such as:

  • Playing instant games or entering tournaments.
  • Solving daily chess puzzles to improve tactical skills.
  • Analyzing past games with advanced, built-in chess engines.
  • Participating in community forums and team events.

How to use Lichess.org

  1. Visit the website and create an account, though you can also play as a guest.
  2. Customize your settings according to preferred game types, time controls, and interface themes.
  3. Join or start a game—choose from casual or rated options.
  4. Explore training tools to work on your game tactics and strategies.
  5. Participate in community activities like forums and team competitions.

Famous examples of Lichess.org

Lichess.org hosts the “Titled Arena,” where titled players, including grandmasters, compete in a fast-paced tournament format.

These events often attract elite players, including the world champion Magnus Carlsen, who has participated under pseudonyms, creating exciting matchups and high-level gameplay visible to the public.

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