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Woman FIDE Master

Woman FIDE Master (WFM) is a chess title awarded by FIDE, the international chess federation. It is one of several titles specifically reserved for female players and is considered one step below the Woman International Master (WIM) title.

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So, what exactly is a Woman FIDE Master?

The Woman FIDE Master (WFM) is an official chess title awarded to female chess players who have achieved a FIDE rating of 2100 or more and have met certain performance criteria in FIDE-sanctioned tournaments. It recognizes a high level of skill and achievement in the international chess community, providing recipients with recognition that supports further participation and competition in the sport.

Why is the Woman FIDE Master title important?

The WFM title encourages and acknowledges the achievements of female chess players, promoting greater participation and recognition in what has historically been a male-dominated field. It represents significant progress in a player’s chess career and opens up opportunities for participation in higher-level tournaments and events.

Examples of Woman FIDE Master

A typical example of achieving the WFM title might involve a female player performing at a high level in international tournaments, consistently scoring against other titled players, and maintaining or surpassing a 2100 FIDE rating.

How to become a Woman FIDE Master

  1. Achieve a FIDE rating of 2100 or more. This is the basic rating requirement for the WFM title.
  2. Participate in FIDE-sanctioned tournaments. Players must meet specific performance standards, often including earning norms from these competitions.
  3. Apply for the title. Once the necessary criteria are met, players can apply through their national chess federation to FIDE for the title.

Famous examples of Woman FIDE Master

Many WFMs have gone on to achieve even higher titles, such as WIM (Woman International Master) and WGM (Woman Grandmaster). Examples include notable players like Hou Yifan and Judit Polgar, who began their careers with such titles and subsequently reached the pinnacle of chess achievements, including competing successfully in open events against top male players.

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