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The Bongcloud is an unorthodox and somewhat controversial chess opening that starts with the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Ke2. This move places the king in a potentially vulnerable position early in the game, which is generally considered a poor strategy as it exposes the king to attacks and complicates its safety.

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So, what exactly is the Bongcloud?

The Bongcloud opening is often seen as a funny move rather than a serious opening strategy.

It directly violates one of the fundamental principles of opening play in chess, which is to ensure the safety of the king through careful development and eventual casting.

By moving the king to e2 on the second move, the player intentionally accepts a compromised position, typically as a jest or to challenge oneself against a weaker opponent.

Why is the Bongcloud important?

While not strategically sound, the Bongcloud has gained a cult following among some chess players because of its sheer audacity and the entertainment value it brings to the game.

It’s a testament to the playful side of chess where enjoyment and creativity are valued alongside competitive seriousness. It also challenges players to think outside of conventional strategies and to manage positions that are unconventional and risky.

Examples of Bongcloud

A typical game beginning with the Bongcloud might proceed with 1. e4 e5 2. Ke2, where White’s king prematurely steps into the center. This is followed by Black continuing normal development, such as 2…Nf6, aiming to exploit the king’s vulnerability.

How to play after the Bongcloud

  1. Develop other pieces quickly: Despite the early king move, it’s critical to get other pieces into the game to defend the king and control key areas of the board.
  2. Be prepared for aggression: Opponents will likely try to open the center and launch an attack against the exposed king, so readiness to parry these threats is essential.
  3. Use the element of surprise: The unconventional nature of the Bongcloud can sometimes lead opponents to overextend or miscalculate, providing counterattacking opportunities.

Famous examples of Bongcloud

The Bongcloud gained notable attention when it was played by former World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen in online blitz games, particularly in a game against Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, who is also known for occasionally employing humorous or unconventional openings in less formal settings.

These high-profile examples helped elevate the Bongcloud from obscure novelty to a well-known meme within the chess community.

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